Dear Esmé

dear esmé,

every night before I lay you down
I breathe your breath, as if I could take you back into me.

a rabbit runs across the street in front of my car tonight and stops to watch me at the edge. why isn't he hibernating? why didn't he get the message?

and why did I? why do I know that's its worth letting go of everything that anchors you to the sea floor…why did I get the paper airplane memo that says you are what you believe. know this and your joy will be yours to have…how did my address get marked with an asterisk that secretly said drop knowing here and it will not go unexplored.

is the rabbit aware of the agreements he's made in coming into this life…is this meeting a prophesy long in the making, in the awakening of one single thought…

and do you, my sweet one, as you lie asleep in my arms, my heart trying to beat as closely to yours as it can, do you remember the secrets that came before this life…and did you know it would be worth giving them up for my imperfectly undiscovered love…