a circle is not the same (for jesse)

if you take a pen and draw a circle
if you draw another circle over that
circle, it will not be the same.

we try and we know and we
remember and we forget.
sometimes it feels like we go in circles
around and around, everything the same
and from the outside, sometimes it looks that way…

but the circle is on the inside
and no matter how we draw it, it’s new
and alive and changing
the way each heartbeat is not the same heartbeat
the way each breath is not the same breath
the way your eyes can choose to look
and see something new

no challenge is ever the same challenge
no you is ever the same you.

the furnace inside you is forging new sparks
and they dance and they weave
and they never stand still.

light echoes song, each word a new word
say love and then say love…it does not mean the same.

so take shelter in yourself, in the
expansive space of the fireworks you are
each spark lights the dark sky,
each burst ripples the air
each moment the world is born anew
because of you, because of beautiful you.

love katie