Why You Shouldn't Give Up

I know that sometimes it can feel like all the things we are working so hard for and the ways we are determined to live our lives - I know there are times that we can doubt that they are working. I'm speaking from my own experience and not assuming I know what you're going through, but I don't imagine I'm alone in this. I listened to a brief talk yesterday about failure and this beautiful woman, Dr Cathy Collautt said that failure and success are on the same path, it's just that success is further down and most people stop too soon. We gotta just keep going, looking forward down that path and trusting it, trusting our hearts and our excitement.

Failures are not signs we are on the wrong path - they are signs that we are doing something right, which is not giving up.

We don't have control over many things in our lives, but the power to keep trying, keep doing, is completely ours and it's one of our most powerful gifts. I'd rather live through 1000 disappointments and become a master at getting back up than stifle who I am and who I need to be by giving up on my dreams. And maybe it will turn out that learning how to transform our disappointments and then sharing that with others will secretly be the bigger gift than whatever we were working on that we thought was so important...who knows...I know I want to write and I want to share it. And my brain thinks I need to make some big thing to share with the world, but my heart wants to make sure I don't miss the real opportunities - like texting a friend a little extra love when life might feel a bit more challenging than normal, writing a card to someone who might need some encouragement or smiling at someone that I might normally avoid eye contact with...The big stuff is made up of little stuff. I don't want to miss that so I'm going to start listening to my eyes and my ears and my heart a bit more. Take a little vacation from my brain.