Our Life's Work

Maybe my life's work isn't out there waiting for me to start it. Maybe each moment, the exact thing I'm saying yes to - whether it be an enthusiastic yes or a more dutiful yes - maybe that is actually my life's work. Which means I am never off-course, I am never missing a beat, i am never separated from it. 

Like this moment, as I take this needle and thread and hem this Frozen Elsa dress, for a little girl who is more excited about this particular sparkle of blue cloth than most anything that catches my attention...maybe as my fingers rush through this chore to get to the next, I need to pause, and know that this is my life's work. 

There is so much value in the simple actions that spring from caring. 

Regardless of what our brains deem as big or small, worthy or unimportant. I switch from hurrying this task that's not exactly my favorite activity to enjoying how amazing it is that my hands know just where to move to catch the needle and tie a knot...how my knuckles bend so beautifully. My attention goes to my dearest and oldest friend, my breath, and as I soften and breath into myself, not in any kind of a trained or practiced way, but just so gently, the way you'd greet a dear friend...I feel myself fill my whole self with the me-ness that I am. And in this filling, there's no room for all the things that aren't me, like worry and stress - I don't need to eliminate them because there's just no room for them when I'm me. I'd like to stay this way forever, but I know the adventure is about coming and going, so I hold on as long as I can and try to tuck the memory in as deeply as I can so I know that I can return there when I hand the need. 

And so I ask you, dear friend, have you taken a soft breath and seen the beauty of your life's work today? Because I know it's there and it's glowing brilliance is that it's so small it doesn't want to burn your eyes. Because if you saw the magnificence of its full light all at once, you'd have to wear sunglasses all day long, even indoors and people would really start to ask a lot of questions. 

Much love,