Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

I admire your beauty and complexity very much, how everything fits together so perfectly, even if I quite often can't see this. But I know that just to be here breathing, so so so much is going right.

My question today, Universe, is how do I find energy to work on building and creating the pieces of my dreams? Sometimes I feel like I have this energy and sometimes it feels like it's missing - I know it really doesn't go anywhere, that I can't really shut myself off from it, but why can't I find it?



Dear Katie,

Sometimes when you don't know what the next step is, you tend to want to wait until you feel like you do know, and then act. The secret is to act when you don't know. Invite in the mystery and fun of not knowing what the hell you're doing. That's a great place to be - the only place, really, where all the interesting, creative things are made.

It has nothing to do with having or not having energy, and everything to do with how you define the next step. If you define it as difficult, you create a feeling that it's not going to be enjoyable in any way. That you're not going to get anything out of it - neither an enriching experience nor a fulfilling finished piece.

Instead, try defining it as deeply rewarding - worth your investment of time, thoughts, physical labor - and you might find yourself approaching the task with more excitement. You always have unlimited energy - it's when you start defining the things that are truly exciting to you as too hard, impossible, predicting it to be unsuccessful, that you feel like you've lost your energy.

So your energy (really it's more accurately your excitement that are looking for) doesn't disappear. You just disguise it with your beliefs and then you don't recognize it anymore.

Hope this helps you.

the Universe


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